Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction - by Adam Jones Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction - by Adam Jones

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These resources accompany the textbook Genocide:
A Comprehensive Introduction
, by Adam Jones.

Text Excerpts

These excerpts, in PDF file format, may be freely copied
and distributed for classroom use:


Chapter 1: The Origins of Genocide

Chapter 6: The Jewish Holocaust

Discussion Questions

An extensive selection of questions to encourage
classroom discussion and debate.

Publicity Pamphlet

Please help to spread the word about Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction.
The pamphlet is in PDF file format (requires the Adobe Acrobat reader).
It can be photocopied double-sided on a single sheet of paper,
then folded into pamphlet form.

Syllabus for "Genocide: An Interdisciplinary Perspective"

The syllabus for my Spring 2006 undergraduate course at Yale, which uses
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction as the main textbook. In PDF file format.

Genocide Studies Media File

An up-to-date compendium of news stories, features, and human rights reports
pertaining to genocide and crimes against humanity.

Twelve Great Songs About Genocide

(Plus six songs about the Jewish Holocaust,
contributed by Benjamin Madley)

Strange Fruit and the Gendered Politics of Lynching

Resources related to the Chapter 13 box text by this title.
Includes Billie Holiday's original recording of Strange Fruit (MP3 format);
her TV performance of the song in the 1950s (AVI format);
and Danja Mowf's dazzling hip-hop reworking (MP3 format).

Key Instances of US Involvement in
Mass Violence against Civilians since 1953

Table supplementing the discussion of genocide and democracy in
chapter 12 on "Political Science & International Relations."
In PDF format.

Comments, Caveats, and Corrections

Readers' feedback, information updates, and some second thoughts.

Media Coverage

Articles and reviews.

"I've just completed going through your book for a second time (highlighting, underlining, etc. this time around), and wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful success! First of all, it's such an important contribution. Secondly, it never reads like a typical dry text. Most importantly -- and very selfishly -- it is going to be of inestimable value to my course in January. I am very excited to be able to use it as the primary text with my students next semester."
- Marc Greenside, Teacher
Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, New York City

"It is absolutely the perfect textbook that I have been looking for for years, and I will use it the next time I teach my genocide course."
- Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights
Global Studies Program, Wilfrid Laurier University

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